About Us

Our Story

Planet Go Round began in 2021 during the lockdowns.

Started in Melbourne, Australia by two 20 year old guys, Josh and Nathan began working on their first plantable card range.

We started off our journey doing all the usual business stuff...

Spending hours behind the computer creating card designs, walking into florists and other small businesses trying to get them on board with swapping their old cards out for better, more sustainable greeting cards.

As time went on though we started to learn how to get our product in front of the right people, people who care about the environment and love giving gifts.

We started posting on TikTok and after a few months of getting zero views, we started to go a bit viral.

We found out people really loved our product (especially our Aussie Animal designs) and we started to make some sales!

We designed another collection, our Floral cards, and saw many people wanting to sell our cards in their stores.

Over the next 3-6 months in 2022 we started to really try and get our cards in front of as many people on TikTok as possible, and were shipping so many cards that we needed a few of our mates to come in and help us out with shipping and fulfilment.

Balancing uni, 2 other jobs and a business was a nightmare but we both kept smashing out orders.

Fast forward to now and we have been able to give our friends some consistent work, we've shipped out thousands of plantable cards this year and we seem to have got a hang of this business thing 😂

We hope that you find as much enjoyment in giving our cards to your loved ones as we do making them for you, and that some day, the only greeting cards that are getting sent around Australia are ones that meaningfully give back to the planet like ours!